Hi Im me, Kim Hellman

Im not that kind of person who desires a simple life. Because to solve the riddle of one selve I need new challenges to find the answers I seek. I started my journey in Sweden 1992 and at the very start I created my own first challenge. When exiting my mother I had turned around so normal birth wasn’t an option for my safety. So even before I had left the stage I wanted to be different. Wasn’t very well planned but still I did it. I was raised in Uddevalla Sweden and my upcoming years I was living with a face not created by myself, but of others. So I never really asked what my own happiness was. You might know the cliché that “when you have a near death experience you see the truth of your life”. Yea… That happened to be really true, near new years eve to 2016 I was in a car accident and it turned my life around. Literally and figuratively. Today Im actually thankful for this event, maybe because physically Im fine…


But still, thanks to that Im now starting to live the life I was created for. I am different, I am curious and Im still growing. Now I want to explore the world and share my views and ideas with people. This is me, being me, maybe helping others to be yourself, If I can.



I was born and raised in Uddevalla Sweden 92. Lived here until I finished from high school 2011 then I’ve lived in Falun, Dalarna. Middle of Sweden. Then moved back to Uddevalla. Moved to Luleå, Norrland. The top of Sweden. From there I went furthest down as I possibly could in Sweden to Trelleborg, Skåne. Then up again to Grebbestad/Strömstad, westcoast of Sweden and now back in Uddevalla for the time being

During that time I’ve traveled here in Scandinavia, Hitchhiked through 7 countries in Europe for a month. Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. And I’ve visited Turkey, Greece and traveled alone to England and Scotland last year.  

I’ve worked in sales, healthcare, shoveled snow, warehouse,  construction, hosted Stand up comedy nights and as a comedian. So I’ve tried some stuff. 

Right now Im hosting my own podcast The Kim Way, found on Speaker.com. Im writing books, administrating this website, writing poetry, freelance photographer, would love to learn to write own music. And this list will probably just keep growing. Fucking love it! 

I will write about more personal stuff about my lifes adventure, wins and fails but that will come as blogpost. 

Thank you 🙏 

Some old pics of me just doing life