Still want to do this

This is a meaningless post to others but to me it’s everything. I’ve noticed with myself that, even though I want to do something, anything that i feel I am curious about what it can bring forth and make a difference in my life. And the major ones, are quite scary. And some part of me that knows that I’m being safe so far from not doing it so why should I change something? But change is everything. I don’t want to live my life in a pursuit of finding me no I want to know what I can become. And standing on that ledge with just one more step that will make you go into a free fall where you have no idea of how long you will fall and where you are going to land. Im curious about that because I’ve been looking the other way for to long now.

So basically I just wanted to write what was on the top of my head because completing a marathon always starts with one step.

This is my first step