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What is the purpose is a bird?

They’re big ones with big wings, small ones with small wings and even big ones big small and almost everyone of them, can fly. 

To fly where ever they want and viewing the world from above.
They can land near water as lakes on the ground, and they fly with the lakes in the sky.
Isn’t that something. 

Up there they see things as small as they really are on this earth.
Isn’t that something. 

I know that birds don’t know what time of the year it is, they just follow the warmth. So whenever it gets cold they move because then can. 

Just image that, now we’re cold so we’ll leave this place and move on without restrictions.

Or is it to keep us land based beings dreaming of something more whenever we are outdoors. Where ever they may go, all over the earth. 

To the able to fly?
Levitate on free will? 

Are birds dream creators? 
Now that’s one hell one a bird.