So, without more procrastination. Let’s do this!

So, without more procrastination. Let’s do this!

So… I thought of by starting strong. 

What the fuck am I doing? 

I’ve been a master of procrastination for too long now. Well in all cases it might not be bad but in this case, I’m sick of waiting. I’ve wanted to do this for so many years now. Open up a space where I can extract my thoughts into action in a plattform where basically everyone today can follow, If the choose to. I love that thought because I wouldn’t be the same person if other people wouldn’t have done that before me. The internet is a wonderful universe to get lost in where there’s to much information to start with for only one mind. 

So… how should I start this. Maybe start with a why, that can be a good solid start. 

If you think I’m over explaining things, sorry. This is just what I feel I need to do so more different people can understand this. All people are not like minded so we understand differently. Im from Sweden but want to write in English so more people can understand me. So please be patient. Might be worth it in the end. 

By trying to think as far as possible back in my life, I don’t remember much but what I do remember is that I’ve found pleasure and happiness in giving. Not really giving a fuck about my self in most cases but giving a smile to someone else was magically for me. Humor and joy was a tool for my survival because I had zero self love. None for the count. So I received the love I needed from others. That was through talking to other humans. So I fell in love with sharing.

In buddhism there’s a saying that the greatest happiness is from serving others. Shared happiness is double the happiness. I fucking love that saying and I know now that I discovered that early in my life, and thanks to that Im still breathing and going strong. 

Today I do appreciate myself and feel more self love then ever and try to believe me. If you stick with me on this… internet thingy whatever Im calling it. Shared space sounds the best right now. I’ve gone through a hell of a self discovery journey. From zero to my own hero (fuck yea Disney). 

I’d love to share what I’ve learned in this short period of time of being alive on this earth so maybe I can help others be their own hero. I fucking love to share. And yes, I do love to say fuck. Much as the act as just the empowering of saying it to rise up the power in a word. Words are amazing too. I love a lot of things. I really feel that thanks to the life I’ve had. All the pains and sufferings I’ve experienced and I understand that the pain train is gonna go on all my life. But now I don’t really see it the same way but as an honest teacher. A fucking hard one as well but a righteousness bastard. I am thankful for that. 

So my plan for this shared space is that I don’t really want a bigger plan for it. Where the fun in knowing where you are going? I just want to enjoy the journey and see wherever it takes me. 

The only destination I do know is that it’s forward! I like that heading! 

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