Nature is awesome

Nature is awesome

I’ve want to start my days now with a walk outside when I don’t really have anything that I MUST be at a certain location as a specific time on my mornings. Im saying outside because a walk to the fridge is still a walk, or maybe some intervalls to the bathroom. Not the same thing. Being outside with fresh breezes with my shorts proudly worn I feel the cold is more refreshing then anything I can try to replicate with feeling with. And its just awesome being outdoors. I live just near the woods so I can venture outside civilization within a throw of a rock distance. And just to make it better I have a walking path just 200m from where I live so I started walking there. Yesterday I walked to the bakery to buy some breakfast bread but I don’t really want to eat bread anymore so I can’t use that excuse to get out.

But today I had a real adventure, just starting at the path towards deeper parts of the woods there’s a wooden bench with a small view down at a valley where there’s a stream floating by. While sitting there I got curious. Why haven’t I been down there, WHY?!?!?! I’ll take a walk down there sometime soon because today Im tired and just want to walk. So I left the support of the bench, took steps that took me 10m further, I saw a small path heading down to the stream. One of the mightiest forces of being a human being just peaked, curiosity spiked in. I went down there without a second thought. And O.M.G Im happy it did.

Just maybe within 100m from where I’ve walked and ran for more then 100 times were this beauty of place, natures masterpiece of portrait had revealed itself to me and I was more in love with this spot on earth than ever. Do I really have this on basically on my backyard WTF?! It was a valley with small hills with a lot of treas with the sun perfectly enlightening them with a stream dividing me and what ever mysterious out there. Fuck the path I must venture onwards from here. So I strolled on along the stream, found some rocks I could jump on to cross. Walked ahead and loved it. On me I only had my barefootshoes, no socks, shorts, t-shirt, a hoodie and my jacked and I’ve felt so rich because of the grand landscape that I’ve discovered. There’s no one here but me because others from my experience walk on the path that tells them where to go, here there’s no such luxury. My curiosity and instinct decided my direction and it was wonderful walking according to them.

Walked for maybe, actually don’t know kind a lost track of time but I found myself a hill downwards, isch step but totally manageable to walk down from. Halfway down I stoped, looked up at the trees swaying thanks to the wind and the music the wind created from the treetop was wonderful. I needed to listen further so I laid down and closed my eyes for… still no idea what time it is. Are we to controlling of our time?! Kind a feels like it because here it wasn’t and issue or a problem that I had on my mind I just liked being here. After a while I looking at the trees swaying on, almost like they wanted to give multiple high branch and twigs fives to each other, funny thought. But now I wanted to venture on, found a spot of light revealing my next direction and I headed there without a clue where I was. Loved it.

I found some open ground and I located where I was and a funny feeling occurred. Have I only been walking from there to there?! Felt like I had been out for quite some time and that distance wasn’t that great byt my mind must have been wondering of because of the views. I felt thankful, because I can go back here now knowing that there are a place so close to me where I can get away from this squared built civilization we live in because it’s really not the same being in a city and being outdoors in the forrest, two totally different sensations and I really do believe that we need to get out of the noise and constant reminder of what society expects us to be and what to deliver on a daily basis because out there in the greens you can just be you and nature accepts that. Except if you vandalizing or destroying then you’re just an asshole.

I soon got back on track and looked at the time for the first time in, don’t know and I had been out for almost 2hours and it was almost 12.00 and that’s the time for my first meal of the day and I didn’t want to miss that schedule so I went back. Not on a man made path but just headed the direction of home and lured out my own path. I fucking loved it!

Good morning adventure to start the day and for inspiration what to write about. I really do believe that we need to step out of the normal path so we can see more of ourselves and just being able to see more of our surroundings because there it much beauty out there. You just have to maybe step 2steps to the side where you haven’t placed your feet ever before to see it. Kind a cool right?

Thank you ?

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